15 Jan 2009

Statjack was initially launched as an experiment, but now lots of players agree that this game has a great perspective to become one of the most adored games. All the players of Statjack get detailed info about the game and may not even count things on their own.

The game provides its players with a chance to play using latest techniques as well as card-counting online which was impossible until now. The software shows you the card count, suggests you the best moves and lets you play the game with the help of most winning methods.

Another special feature is that players are able to bet on the dealer hand. This and all the previous options attract more and more players from all over the world.

In addition, while you are playing, the software count the winning odds and shows the evaluation of player chances. In addition, the software shows the number of cards of each rank in the deck.

However, there is no such thing as free winning game, therefore, the game will most probably have small winning odds and too small payouts. Otherwise, the casinos would not have created such amazing options.  

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