Popular Gambling Books

With the development of informational era, the raise of Internet technologies, the most important and expensive thing turned out to be information. And now as there are more and more online casinos more and more people are looking for good sources of gambling information. And unfortunately, the number of special websites with mobile casinos or poker sites for Mac is still quite limited. With the lack of good sources online, gambling books remain to be the most valuable and truly the most reliable ones. 

In addition, there is no secret that computers have a bad influence on the sight, therefore, books may be a great alternative at least for some time.
This is the list of best among all the gambling books that can be ordered through the Internet or found at your local bookshops. 


Casino Gambling : A Winner's Guide to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and Casino Poker

by Jerry Patterson, Eric Nielsen, Christopher Pawlicki, Sharpshooter. (2000)

One of the simplest and most modern casino books on analysis and strategies for classic casino games. It includes the list of tips on how to increase your odds. Great for both beginners and professionals and land and online casinos.



Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling

by Basil Nestor. (1998)

This is though not the newest, but one of the best casino guides among the other gambling books. This book contains the complete information that would be very helpful for beginners no matter what game they choose. A great additional source of information for those who have just started gambling.



Guerrilla Gambling

by Frank Scoblete. (1993) Bonus Books.

This is also not the newest gambling book, though is one of the most useful ones. The Guerrilla gambling shares the most interesting and the most effective casino strategies for most common games and the ways to improve your game. This is probably the best option for land-based casino players.



Gambling Theory and Other Topics

by Mason Malmuth. (1999)

Mason Malmuth in the book Gambling Theory and Other Topics talks about the games from the points of view of mathematics and explains how come some strategies never work. The book would certainly bring something good for any gambler, though it is better for advanced players who spend a lot more time on studying the theories and winning systems.



Gambling Online

by Angus Dunnington (2005)

The collection of best advice on gambling for pros and beginners. One of the most important books dedicated to gambling. The author not only comments on the rapid changes in the course of gambling industry, but also makes it the best book for those who spend a lot of time at online casinos.



Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T.  Students Who Took Vegas for Millions

by Ben Mezrich (2003)

The complete story of the MIT students who did win a lot at the casino. This is one of the best among entertainment gambling books and will be a great fun reading for all gamblers. This book is for those who love gambling and have always wanted to beat the casino.



This Must Be Hell: A Look at Pathological Gambling 

by Hale Humphrey (2000)

What makes this book stand out from the other gaming books is that it deals with the worst gambling problem – addiction. The main idea of the book is to show examples of other players' stories, show signs that indicate the problem and the possible ways to get help. This book by Humphrey is one of the best helpers for those who suffer from gambling addiction. 



Gambling Wizards: Conversations with the World's Greatest Gamblers

by Richard W. Munchkin (2002)

With the help of this book you can reveal the secrets of the most successful gamblers. The book is not like many other gambling books on strategy and rules, this is rather the one that combines fun from reading entertainment stories with great and useful tips from great professionals from all over the world. 



109 Ways to Beat the Casinos: Short, Specific Tips That Make You a Winner from the Nation's Best Casino Gambling Writers

by Walter Thomason et al. (2000)

This book deals with lots of different strategies and tips for various casino games, advice on how to count and eliminate house advantage. The book was written by Thomason together with 5 other authors and is an easy, clear and precise guide to gambling. This one may be a great bonus to your casino books collection.



Insider's Guide To Internet Gambling: Your Sourcebook For Safe And Profitable Gambling

by John G. Brokopp (2001)

Many may say that a lot has changed since 2001, this book remains one of the best guidelines to online gambling. The book contains numerous advice and techniques on playing online. This book might be the best book on gambling in case you prefer online play and if you are planning to purchase only one or two books on gambling.