Here we provide the list of most Frequently Asked Questions to find all the answers you might need.

What should I start with?
The first thing you should do is read about the games and choose the ones you love more to learn the rules and study the strategies. In addition you can start playing at any of the casinos we provide for free to see how good you are at this or that game and practice without the need to risk your money. You may download the software or try the games in the flash mode.
Is gambling online legal?
This question is debatable depending on the game types and the country you live in. Different countries have different regulations that permit or forbid gambling both at online and real casinos or online only. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the regulations your country has and to make sure you are not breaking any laws when gambling. The casinos we offer provide the highest level of security including protection against underaged players and the ability to forbid access to the gambling sites for some members of your family.
Is the software free? Is it safe to download it?
The software on the sites is totally free and takes less than a minute to download in a broadband connection. Some casinos in addition provide the ability to try the games in the no-download flash version. However, the flash version does not include all the games and most of them can be tried only when downloaded.
How to choose the online casino?
The simplest way to choose a casino is to take a look at the casinos we feature. They have been carefully selected to make sure the gambling is safe and secure. You are to look for a highly reputable casino with good software and high bonuses. Avoid new casinos that do not belong to any casino group and those that do not display info on any certificates.
Is it safe to gamble online?
Yes, it is. At least it is so for those who take time to check the reputable casino and make sure they know all the rules before they start playing. Surely there are places that might take away your money and make your gambling the worst experience, at least it is not like that in the casinos we feature.
Do I need much money to begin?
In order to start playing you can begin with free play to see the games and practice before you make a bet. In addition, some casinos provide the minimum deposit amount for those who are not willing to risk much. This may be $20 — $30 as usual. However, it is better to start with larger amounts as the bonuses they provide are totally amazing and may increase your money at least twice.
Can I play for free before I deposit?
Sure you can. At most of the casinos you can start with free play and may see how well you are at this or that game.
How can I withdraw money?
Each casino provides a list of available deposit and withdrawal methods for all its visitors. Moreover, before you make the deposit make sure you read all the terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstandings.
Where can I read and learn game strategy and rules?
At our site we provide not only the charts and reviews of the best casinos, but also rules, strategies and tips for most common casino games.
What gambling games can I play online?
Mostly all the games there are in the land-based casinos. Each gambling hall offers over 50 and sometimes up to 100 different games from classic ones to the newest versions of old games.
How can I contact a casino live person?
Most of the casinos offer a live chat so all the players can contact a live person and receive an answer in a couple of seconds. The support works 24/7 and can also be contacted via e-mails and telephone.
In case of a problem who should I talk to?
It depends on the type of the problem. In most cases you can contact the support and they will provide you with help on any gambling or account managing problems and questions.