Feeling brave? Try a new version of blackjack

19 Apr 2013

Blackjack is one of the most popular choices of card game to play, and there a wide array of versions of the game for players to attempt. Classic Blackjack is typically a game where the players attempt to get close to 21 without going bust.

Blackjack Surrender is one of the more popular versions of Blackjack because it doesn’t involve the ability to use a cunning strategy to be in with a chance of winning. All Blackjack Surrender requires to win is a strong eye for detail and for luck to be on your side. The setup is similar to a Blackjack table in a casino. There are five different hand positions available on opening the game and the player has the option of choosing any or all of these to bring into play. The player decides the amount of hands they want to play and then clicks on an available hand position to place a bet. Bets can be increased or lowered by clicking on a hand position.

To win the game the player wants to get closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, or as in classic Blackjack, as close to 21 without going over. If you go over you will lose your bet and become ‘bust.’ If you reach the same total as the dealer’s hand you get your bet back, as this is a draw and is called a ‘push.’ A Blackjack is the combination of being dealt an Ace and then a 10 card, and wins you 1.5 times your bet.

The Surrender version of Blackjack allows the player to surrender after the first two cards if Blackjack hasn’t been revealed by the dealer. If you Surrender, the round is over and half the bet is given up.

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