$133 Million Lottery Jackpot Winner Wanted

09 Jul 2009

$133M Mega Millions lottery ticket was bought in Queens, New York. The winner has not claimed for the prize yet and the Lottery officials are waiting for the lucky man to come out.

The winning ticket has been bought at the ShivConvenience Store that gathered many gamblers hoping to hit the greatest sum ever. Now this store is expected to get $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket that matched all winning numbers and Mega Ball.

Some of the gamblers go on buying the lottery tickets at the local store as they believe that luck can strike twice. The owner of the store, Jayeshkumar Patel, says that he has always had dream that someone wins at his store and at last he feels very excited about that.

Some of the regulars are a little bit frustrated with the win. Those gamblers who used to buy tickets at the store very often consider that it is not fair that the jackpot was hit by someone else.

Although the winner has not come out he or she has up to one year from the date of the win to claim for the prize.

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