Basic Keno Rules

Keno is an old guessing game. Keno rules are close to those of the Lottery game, thus they are very easy to understand and make the game quite simple to play. Each player’s aim is to guess as many numbers as it is possible among the winning ones. Before the game each player gets a special ticket (sometimes called the Keno board) which contains 80 numbers to choose from. While the computer selects the winning numbers you may choose any of the numbers from 1 to 10 and bet on it if you believe that it will surely occur.

In case the number you have chosen is the same as the number that appears this situation is called a "Hit". The payout is determined by the type of your bet. You may choose from "Bet $1", "Bet $3", or "Bet $5". Moreover, the size of payout depends on the quantity of the numbers you bet on and the quantity of those which are "Hits".

First of all you indicate the numbers you choose on the ticket. Online keno rules give you an opportunity to designate 10 numbers by your own while the other 10 numbers are chosen automatically by the computer. "Automatic Deal 10 Numbers" button provides this option. Every selected number is marked in green. If your change your mind a single click on the numbers allows you to cancel your choice. After all the numbers are chosen your payout is indicated in the corner of the screen.

When you choose among "Bet $1", "Bet $3", or "Bet $5" options the size of the payout is changed. This change is immediately shown on the screen.

As the keno rules state every player is free to choose the number of games he or she wishes to play. "Play One," "Play Five," or "Play Ten" buttons allow to make such a choice. In case you wish to use the same numbers go ahead by clicking "Repeat Bet" button.