Most Reliable Baccarat Strategy

Any trustworthy baccarat strategy is in fact a mirage. Many players still insist that they are lucky to use the most reliable strategy for baccarat. But never believe in such possibility as baccarat is fully the game of chance and the player’s luck is the main thing that matters. No one is practically able to influence the game and increase his or her winning expectations.

Nevertheless, some general recommendations may help you to play baccarat more systematically and improve your winning chances.

Look through the following recommendations and try to use them if you want to become a successful baccarat player:


Maybe you happened to notice some players who were noting down all the previous hands and were trying to determine the pattern existing in the game. Those who really believe there is a pattern always change their betting decisions to improve their winning odds. Such practice is not only common but it is even encouraged in most casinos. It is logical to assume that if the casinos allow their players to use this baccarat strategy in fact it doesn’t influence the game and is unable to change its results. So, don’t pay attention to the players with the scorecards and avoid using this method. You can just try it only to prove yourself that it does not work.


You may consider that betting on the dealer is a great choice. Of course, the winning odds on the banker are really better and if you are going to play for a long choose this baccarat strategy. In any case in the long run the house will undoubtedly win. Otherwise, if you are bored by the long baccarat game we recommend you not to bet on the dealer. It is better to enjoy the game rather than to get bored and exhausted.


Another strategy states that you can win more money if you choose the baccarat tables with the single decks. This provides the best return for the dealer bet (1% house edge) which is the highest return for all possible bets in baccarat.


Avoid making the tie bets. Despite the fact that they have the highest payouts it is still a very bad option to choose. In case of the tie bets the house edge is 5% that’s why never risk by using the game strategy which advise to bet on the tie.

NB:  best baccarat strategy says that you should practice a lot before risking real money. It is not very difficult as most online casinos offer to play for free.