The List of Land-Based casino blackjack rules

22 Jan 2009

This article is for those who spend a lot of time gambling online and now would like to go to Vegas to play at the land-based casino. Here you will find all the rules and special features of playing at the real casino. In this one we will start with Blackjack, and the next articles will cover all the other games played mostly in online and ground casinos. Probably the first thing the blackjack player should do when he enters the real casino is to choose the table.

At which table should I play?

When you come to the casino aiming to play blackjack, you are to choose the table that suits your mood and your game preferences. Before you play, choose the players that are neither drunk nor in the bad-mood in order not to distract you from your game. Also, take a look at the dealer and make sure he is well-spirited in order to have a nice time.

In addition, you are to choose the table according to the odds it provides. Look for a table where dealer stands on soft 17, player can double down on any two cards and so on.

In land-based casinos players are often offered free alcohol drinks. The best advice would be to avoid them as blackjack is a game of concentration and you may lose too much when drunk.

How can I buy chips?

The player that wishes to purchase chips is to lay the cash on the blackjack table and the dealer then picks it up. The chips will be placed on the table the same way. This is done according to casino security rules that say the dealer can not take anything from players hands.

How are the cards dealt?

The blackjack dealer is to make two passes starting from his left (the First Base) dealing two cards to each player faced up. After that the dealer deals himself two cards one face up and the other one face down (Hole).

In case the cards are dealt face up, the players are not required to touch them. In the other case, the players may hold the cards with one hand only. All the extra cards dealt by the dealer are to be left on the table and not to be touched.

How do I tell HIT or STAND?

In case the player wants to signal Hit or Stand, he is to make special signals in order to avoid any mistakes and to be recorded by the surveillance cameras. In order to signal Hit the player is to scrape the cards across the felt in case the game is face down or tap the finger behind the cards in case the game is face-up. In order to signal Stand the player is to wave his hand over his cards in case of a face-up game and to tuck the cards under the bet in case the game is face-down.

In addition, in the land-based casino the players are not allowed to touch the bets they've made even if tucking the cards under them.

How can I signal SPLIT or DOUBLE DOWN?

In case the game is a hand-held one, the player that wishes to Split is to place the cards facing up on the table and place the bet equal to the first one but aside from it. The dealer then splits the cards and deals the second one to each new hand.

In order to Double Down the player has to toss the cards on the table and place the additional bet to the first one.

Should I tip the dealer?

The most essential tip for the land-based casinos concerns tipping the dealer. This way you improve dealer's mood and you increase the chance that the dealer will shuffle more rarely.

All in all, there are still differences between land-based and online casinos. However, in case you happen to have any question do not be afraid to ask the dealer.

And do not forget the main rule of gambling, have fun!

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