Gambling Addiction

20 Mar 2009

Gambling addiction is in fact the most important problem that might affect any person regardless of age. Most of the time the victims of this horrible disease are teenagers.American Psychological Association (APA)has recently conducted a research that showed that over 74% of online gamblers can be considered to fall into the category of "problematic" or "pathological" gamblers.

The biggest threat is on teenagers as they can spend more time gambling that their parents won't even know about.

Online gambling is now available to anybody and due to a great popularity of online casinos, many teenagers rush to online casinos and gamble any time they wish. As kids are not allowed to gamble at Vegas, they choose online gambling halls and due to the fact there is no 100% method of stopping them lots of teens begin to suffer from this horrible addiction. Modern players don't even have to leave their homes and can spend 24 hours a day without any need to leave their homes.

Whether online gambling is legal or not is one of the most debatable points and until any measures are taken more and more people will be exposed to the risk of being a gambling addict.

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