Biggest Casino Wins Of All Time

01 Mar 2011

Few people who play cards, roulette, online slot machines and other games at casinos expect that they will win more than a few hundred dollars, but they usually have dreams of catching a lucky break and raking in millions. Although winning millions of dollars rarely happens, there are some real-life stories that occasionally make even the most pessimistic players go for the big win.

The Biggest Casino Slot Machine Wins of All Time

One of the biggest casino slot machine wins of all time occurred in 2003. On March 21 of that year a young software engineer living in Los Angeles was relaxing in Las Vegas by playing some slots and enjoying the atmosphere at the Excalibur. Little did he know that he was about to win one of the biggest jackpots in Vegas history. This 25-year-old ended up winning more than $39 million just by playing the slots!

In 1998, a 60-year-old woman arguably had even better luck than the young software designer. She picked up $680,000 at the Palace Station Hotel's Wheel of Fortune and then won more than $27 million later that night from a Megabuck jackpot. That was one instance when she was certainly glad that she did not walk away after a big win.

High Rollers and the Biggest Casino Wins of All Time

Most of the biggest casino wins of all time happen to those who already have so much money that the value seems meaningless to them. In these instances, normal people might balk at the giant sums of money that they win by betting millions of dollars at a time, but you should also remember that many of these high rollers have also lost millions before they hit that big win.

A good example of this is Kerry Packer, an Australian billionaire who spent some time doing some serious gambling at the MGM Grand in 1997. In just a few days, this billionaire managed to rake in nearly $40 million in winnings. That is an unbelievable sum, but considering his unfathomable $28 million loss just two years later, one must wonder if he has won or lost more money overall.

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