Slot Machine Tips and Secrets

Speaking about the slot games and their playing strategy most people are convinced that the only thing the players are able to control and influence somehow is their bankroll. Others insist that the players are able to apply strategy which includes more than simply managing the bankroll. Thus in a real game one player chooses to end the game after a great win or sets a time limit, while another one determines the losing limit or plays until he gets exhausted. So everybody invents the strategy which suits his demands and gambling expectations.In fact it is very difficult to consider these attempts to be the strategies, they are rather the list of good slot machine tips figured by the professional players.

You may wonder what makes the slots so popular. Most gamblers are attracted by the simplicity of the game and the lack of visible risk as in the other casino games with a bit difficult rules and strategies. The brightness is one of the factors that captivate the players. The slot machine is really not frightening. Everything what is needed to play slots is to insert a coin and pull the arm or just click the mouth if you choose to play online. And the result is almost immediate. It is really very convenient.

Analyzing gambling experience of a number of slot players we may distinguish some useful slot machine tips. It is worth mentioning that almost all these tips deal with the main rule of the game. It says that every player must choose the best suited slot machine and study carefully its distinctive features. Nevertheless the tips below are more profound and are a strong tool in the hands of gamblers who do not agree to rely purely on luck.

Tip #1

First of all, one of the tips states that a player should determine his slot gambling expectations and progressive jackpot according to the bankroll. If you want to play the game as long as possible you are to examine the betting requirements of the definite slot machine. For instance, if the player’s aim is to double his small bankroll he is recommended to play a single line machine where the betting limits are smaller than in a progressive slot.

Tip #2

When you have chosen the best suited slot machine get the information on the rest of machines available at land or online casinos. It is even recommended to familiarize with other games and their peculiarities. This practice is quite useful as it allows, firstly, to compare your chosen machine and to narrow down the list of other machines with the characteristics that suit you somehow; secondly, if every time you are going to try your luck you have different requirements for the game concerning the time patterns, bankroll, betting limits, payouts and jackpots, you are given an opportunity to choose from all the games.

Tip #3

The slot machines may differ in the way a player is offered to study the payout table. It can be present on the screen; playing some online slots the player should click on "Payout Table" icon to look it through. The second variant is not very convenient so we advice you to copy it separately for further references. It is a very good practice if you play multi-spin slots where the players are able to place a free initial spin and put it on Hold. The knowledge of the payout table allows the player to decide on his further actions as he knows in what combinations the different symbols can be put on Hold.

Tip #4

If you expect large winnings and want to hit the progressive jackpot you should bet the maximum on all paylines. Be attentive as sometimes this can be confused with "Bet One" option. By choosing this button you make a single bet on a single spin which is not required in case of the progressive jackpot. On the contrary you are asked to make the maximum bet on every payline for a single spin. The same is about bonus multipliers, which are the options the pay generous bonuses if some particular combinations are hit on straight slot machines. So always bet the max at multipliers and progressives.

Tip #5

In most cases a player’s greed is the reason of a complete loss in the slot games. That is why we recommend you to end playing when your winnings are over 25% of your initial bankroll. Of course, this limit may be higher as every player determines it for himself. In any case you should always know when it is time to quite. If, for example, you win $100 for $1 bet it is definitely time to leave. The same is true for the losses. Never continue the game after you lose.

Try to memorize these slot machine tips and use them in a real game. The luck will be always on your side!