Roulette Strategies Guide

Roulette is completely game of chance as the results of the game depend only on the player's luck and a bit on the dealer's actions. In fact the roulette player takes part only in placing the bets and observing the spinning wheel. According to the roulette strategies a player can't much influence the game and winning results. We offer you a list of special rules and strategies how to become a successful roulette player. 

Best Roulette Strategy and Rules

  1. The first rule deals with the «surrender» option available in some casinos. It means that when the ball lands on the zero slot (0 or 00) a player loses only a half of his or her outside bet but not the whole betting amount. According to the roulette strategies this rule does not work in case of the inside bets. We recommend you to seek for «surrender» rule since it lowers the house edge and increases your winning odds. The payouts on the outside bets are not very high but this option obviously raises you chances not to lose much.
  2. The second rule says that it is more beneficial to play roulette on the European roulette wheel as it offers the lower house advantage (2.7%) compared with the American wheel (5.26%). It is more profitable since again it increases your winning probabilities. European roulette tables are used in most European casinos but speaking about the online roulette games the American wheels is widespread as well. So often try to find the European roulette and raise your chances to win in such a way.
  3. The «en prison» rule. This rule applies to even-money (1 to 1) outside bets in the situation when the ball lands on zero (0). In such case a player does not lose his or her bet, it remains on the table for the next spin and is considered to be in prison. If this bet wins with the next wheel spin the player gets it back without any additional winnings. Otherwise it is swept from the table.

Many people rely on different roulette strategies and systems invented to improve their winning results while playing roulette. But be careful every time you are offered any of them as in fact they don't really work in a real game and are aimed to make your game just more organized.

Hence, the best roulette strategy is to play only European roulette if there is the option to choose between two types of the roulette. Moreover always seek for the «surrender» and «en prison» rules which also increase your odds. Thoroughly prepare yourself for the game and have fun!