The Biggest Casino City in Europe Will Be Built in Spain

08 May 2009

The Spanish parliament is going to allow to built the biggest in Europe casino city not far from Ontinena village, Aragon, that will resemble much Las Vegas City.

According to the Gran Scala project, the casino city will have a great number of casino-hotels including a grand Egyptian-themed venue as well as a number of racetracks and theme parks. Today the locals are awaiting for the project approval by the parliament. 

It must be mentioned, that the Gran Scala project is supported by the locals as it will bring additional jobs and help to enrich the budget. It was estimated that about 200,000 people will get jobs in the new casinos and leisure centers. Quite surprising, Father Lorenzo, the priest of the local church, admitted that he considers the construction of casino city in the village to be a good idea. The regional government supports the project and expects that by the end of June it will be passed. 

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