Slots Will Now Be At Racetracks

30 Jan 2009

Gambling now becomes one of the extra sources of income and slots machines will now be introduced at racetracks. At these times of a major decrease in income and budget, the authorities of small towns seem to be finding the way to make it less painful.

The head of one of the cities in Massachusetts said that by introducing slots to the racetracks the whole state will be able to earn more.

One of the important points is that not so long ago local authorities and legislators were against this idea, however now when everyone is worried about saving and earning more the project does not seem so inappropriate. The places with slot machines and racetracks are called racinos and are oriented in most cases at day trippers, for example like Pennsylvania.

The discussion of this topic is to be held with all the local officials and legislators and all the local citizens are allowed to watch and participate. The other fact that will probably be in favor of the project is the recent change in the gambling legislation.

In addition, the first idea was to open a local casino, however, it takes years to open the casino, whereas the slot machines can be installed in a couple of months.

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