Legion Post 82 Opens "Blackjack City"

21 May 2009

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, American Legion Post, a local community-service organization, opens the "Blackjack City" casino at the place of the former Olympic sized pool. The funds collected at the casino will help to keep the post going.

Recently the post faced some financial troubles and even had to list the big pool on eBay. Last month it was decided to try gambling to aid the post and with this aim converted the pool into the gambling hall.

The "Blackjack City" besides blackjack games features traditional Texas Hold 'em and poker games. The casino holds the charity gaming license which means that the dealers are not paid and tipping the dealers is not allowed in the casino rooms. Thus, all the casino employees are the local volunteers who wish to help the post.

Some of the locals are embarrassed with the idea of the post to stay afloat organizing the casino and do not support its new image. Still, according to the Indian state laws, veterans, civic and charitable non-profit organizations are allowed to operate casinos under the limited schedule.

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