Gaming Promoter and His Wife Arrested for Stealing $6.3 Million

13 Mar 2009

The Judiciary Police of Macao, China, arrested a senior SAR customs service official and his wife for cheating the local casino. The couple stole in total 50 million Hong Kong dollars (6.3 million U.S. dollars) in casino chips and cash. The 37-year old man and his 35-year old wife were arrested in Chongqing and at a time of their arrest the suspects had 10 million Hong Kong dollars in cash and 10 million Hong Kong dollars in gaming chips.

As the representative of the Judiciary Police of Macao states, male suspect Fu has been already accused of cheating at the casino he worked. After the investigation was started the suspect worked as a gaming promoter for the casino's VIP room not on legal basis. The suspect's wife Mou worked at that VIP room as an operator. On February, 4 she had to move 50 million Hong Kong dollars from one room to another within the casino. Instead of doing her job woman has disappeared with all money in cash and chips.

The name of the casino where the suspects worked has not been officially announced yet but according to the unconfirmed sources it is the Crown Macao casino. The criminals are now kept under police custody for further investigation. 

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