Government is Planning to Introduce Gambling in Jamaica

24 Apr 2009

Jamaican Government is planning to legalize casino gambling. The authorities decided to allow the international investors to establish the first legal casino in Jamaica in order to attract additional funds to the country budget. 

The fist casino hall will be situated in the new hotel in Montego Bay, St James. It is expected that the casino and hotel will provide new jobs for thousands of the local residents and boost up the economy. 

According to the official sources, the hotel that is planned to be built will have up to 4,000 rooms and of course it will collect good money only in case it features the casino. 

It must be mentioned, that the Government of Jamaica has already legalized gaming machines, such as slots and video poker, in the country. The introduction of casino gambling in Jamaica caused many debates but as a result it distracted attention from the previous administration concerning slots and lotteries activities.

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