Expanding of Casino Gambling in Florida

10 Apr 2009

The lawmakers at the House and Senate are now thinking over the casino gambling expending in the state of Florida. According to them, expending of the gambling is not a good bet for the state right now. Currently the measures of such expending are discussed. 

However, the economists claim that the profits from the expended gambling business could be worth the hundreds of millions. According to the plan proposed by the Senate, the Seminole Casinos would be offering blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps. But the House Bill does not involve such vast expansion of gambling as the Senate Bill. The House states that the casinos must stop offering baccarat and blackjack and would be able to feature only Vegas-style slots. 

At the Revenue Estimating Conference the figures according to both plans were announced. The House plan would bring $257.2 million while the Senate plan - $504 million in the first year. Thus, the economists are convinced that only the wise combinations of both plans can bring great profits. But it is obvious that the expending of casino gambling will be very beneficial for the state economy. 

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