Casino Cheating Group Found Guilty

26 Feb 2009

One of the casino cheaters who took part in the criminal enterprise also considered to be a racketeering ring that cheated over 12 different casinos in Canada and USA admitted guilty.

The enterprise had the name "Tran Organization" and according to attorneys it operated between August 2002 and June 2005 and targeted casinos all over Canada and USA.

The group applied the false shuffle scheme at blackjack and mini-baccarat. This scheme involved bribing dealers so that they would create sequences of unshuffled cards and also using hidden transmitters to predict the order.

The winnings of the team were thousands of dollars for each game including the biggest win of $868,000. Tai Khiem Tran, aged 47 pleaded guilty to participating in this enterprise. His sentence is scheduled for July 13th in the San Diego federal court. Tran faces about 20 years in prison.

According to unofficial information 26 members have pleaded guilty.

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