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Inauguration of Barack Obama And Vegas

06 Feb 2009
Read about the unbelievable picture in Las Vegas when all the monitors were showing the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Racetracks With Slots

30 Jan 2009
Gambling now becomes one of the extra sources of income and slots machines will now be introduced at racetracks.

70-Year Old Man Robbed After Winning At The Casino

29 Jan 2009
They say luck is a two faced creature, and you can never know which side is looking at you. This is a story of how quickly luck can turn away.

A Priest Stole From The Church To Gamble

22 Jan 2009
Gambling is considered to be a sin, especially if you are a catholic priest and you gamble on parishioners' money.

New Blackjack - Statjack

15 Jan 2009
Got tired of traditional games? Try something new, the new version of the Blackjack game - Statjack!
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