Best Keno Strategy

As Keno is completely the game of chance no strategy can change the course of the game and improve the winning odds of the players. The winning numbers fall out randomly each time and they are not related to the previous numbers in any way. All the numbers have the same chances to be chosen. So the keno strategy states that you should never look for any pattern in the game as it doesn’t really exist.

Keno is believed to resemble some other casino games but the most striking difference between Keno and, for example, Blackjack and Poker is a low level of the player’s influence on the game. Moreover, the players can’t do anything to change the results of the game but still some of them use specific keno techniques with great success. In fact, these techniques are always viewed as the keno strategies. Maybe, they are not of great importance for most players still we recommend you to follow them if you want to make your game at least more interesting and involving.

Choose the numbers which didn’t appear in the previous games. According to the keno strategy these numbers are most probable to come up next. In theory it happens in order to balance the coming up numbers in each game. But remember that it won’t necessarily work because of the “random" nature of the keno game.

On the other hand, the strategy assumes that the numbers which have come up in the recent games will come up again and again. Some players really trust this thought and choose the same numbers in each game. The idea of this strategy is quite contradictory to the previous one but it can also work when the luck is on your side.

Some numbers are believed to be successive. For instance, if you choose 6 and 7 or 32 and 33 they may be qualified as successive ones. Some players got used to choose some meaningful numbers for them or their families such as birthdays, anniversaries and other personal lucky numbers. Anyway, it is up to you whether to use this keno strategy or not.

Don’t change the set of numbers for each round. You can use this keno strategy for a few rounds or for all the rounds of the game, as you wish. Nevertheless, the chances to win stay the same.

Any keno strategy or technique has no logical explanations but by using it you play with fun. Don’t believe those who insist that all these methods minimize your chances to win, it isn’t so! Just enjoy the game!