Slots Rules or How to Play Slots

Online casinos provide a wide range of slot machines to choose from. Moreover, almost all sites contain the explanation of slots rules. First of all, if you prefer to play slots online look at all variants available and choose the one you like most of all. Your aim in the game is to hit the winning combinations so pay attention to the characteristics of every slot machine as they may differ. Here we give the basic outline on how to play slots.

Basic outline on how to play slots

  1. Click "Insert Money" button to start the game.
  2. Choose credits and place your bet. You can arrange your bet on the left side of the slot machine.
  3. Your balance is available in a special credit box.
  4. By choosing "Bet Max" bet the maximum limit.
  5. "Bet One" allows you to bet individual credits.
  6. In case of a winning combination the payout can be viewed on the Payout Table. To see your winnings choose "Winner Paid" button.
  7. "Switch Machine" option allows you to switch the slot machine if you want to play the same game at another slot machine.

Slots gambling is extremely easy and you will need only a few minutes and a couple of game rounds to understand how should you act in order to play this game. There are no complicated game rules, which influence your game, as well as there are no strategies which can bring you win. You just have to be lucky and have some money to make your bets.

Above there is a common game-running process, which is actually the same in all machines. Some of the slots will also offer you such details as free-spins and bonus games, but they are also very easy for understanding. So, you already know how to play slots and see that this is very easy. Start right now!