Best Craps Tips

Below there are the most useful craps tips which can be used as a single playing strategy. The online craps game is the best way to learn the rules and practice. We strongly recommend you to look through these tips before you start playing.

The easiest way to become a compatible player is to practice a lot. It really helps as a good practice is the key to success. You are given a great opportunity to become experienced player as most online casinos offer the option to play for free.

Craps game is one of the fast-paced casino games. While playing online you are given enough time to think over your actions but learn to think fast. Your task is to be confident in making decisions every time you sit at the craps table.

As in most casino games no system can guarantee a great win in craps. Some of such systems just may help you to lessen the number of losses and make your game more structured. Moreover, most of them are aimed to decrease the house edge. Be careful every time you are offered any systems. You can’t rely completely on them.

If you are a new player you are recommended to make only bets with the lowest house advantage. Only when you feel more confident you can start making those bets which are considered to be less profitable and have little chance to be winning. Look through the tips below concerning the types of bets and risk connected with them.


One of the most essential gaming tips is to avoid Proposition Bets. Proposition bets are made on single dice roll where the house edge is very high, over 11%.


Avoid Lay Bets. The most striking feature of these bets is the 5% commission. If you are still eager to place Lay Bets we recommend you to bet in set amounts. Thus you increase your odds a bit.


Rarely make Buy Bets. 5% commission is also charged on these bets. Although they can lower the house edge even more than the Place Bets they are still risky. If you don’t see any obstacles one of the craps tips says that it is more prifitable to place Buy Bets only on 4 or 10 as these numbers provide the biggest winning advantage (2:1).


Rarely make Field Bets. These bets are also determined on a single dice roll and are not very beneficial. Even though the 5.5% house edge may seem to be very attractive be careful while making decision in their favor.


One of the best craps game tips is to make Place Bets in Multiple Denominations. By doing this you have the full payout odds. You should wager the numbers 4, 5, 9 and 10 with multiples of $5, while 6 and 8 with multiples of $6. Other wagers will result in uneven amounts which will be further rounded down and used to make even money payout.


Make Free Odds Bet. It is an extra wager made on existing pass, don't pass, come or don't come bet. Free Odds Wager pays off true odds that’s why casino does not get any return when these bets are winning. Nevertheless these bets are allowed in the first place because it means to make money off of the original bet. Moreover Free Odds Bet decreases the house edge from 1.5% to about 0.8%.

These craps tips are a good tool when you start with the craps strategy. But don’t expect to break the casinos bank immediately by using them. Again, regular practice is the guarantee of any success.