Basic Craps Strategy

Here we give you the best craps tips and recommendations how to play craps and get the best from the game. This useful information can be taken for the basic craps strategy as no definite strategy actually exists. Craps is totally a game of chance in which the players can’t influence both the process and results of the game. Nevertheless, it is still possible to acquire some special skills and technique which will help you to avoid the most common errors. Below we list the best craps tips which are the basis of every strategy.

Be disciplined and play smart

Most players simply ignore this rule as silly one. Firstly, every craps player should decide on the sum of money or limit he or she is going to win or afford to lose. On average 20% loss is a good point to leave the table. Remember, sometimes it is more beneficial to be less ambitious.

The lack of any experience can also become an obstacle on the way to a successful game. Before playing for the first time learn the rules of the game and read everything about craps. Profound knowledge of craps strategy is the guarantee of your success, of course, if you use it. Thus good practice is also very important.

Manage your money

There are many systems, such as Paroli or Martingale systems, which help to manage your money effectively. You can even invent your own system and use it successfully, all in all you must always hold to your tactic and change it only after each game is ended. Again,  you are to set your winning or losing limits and try not to change them as finally you may regret. If you choose to play at a $5 craps table the size of your bankroll should be minimum from $100 to $250. But if you play with smaller amount the risk is great.

Choose the correct bets

One of the most effective craps strategies deals with the knowledge of all types of the bets and which of them are regarded as the smartest. We recommend you to make pass line bets and come bets or bet on 6 or 8. You may easily benefit from other bets as no craps strategy is perfect.

Stay Cool

If you want to become a competitive player try not to get nervous and stay cool. Hold your ambitions and raise bets only if you are ahead or just double your bankroll.