Best Baccarat Tips

You may wonder why baccarat game is one of the smartest choices to play. In fact it is so popular due to one of the lowest house edges among all the online casino games. Moreover, the rules are quite simple, the players can make only three types of bets one of which is recommended to avoid. The rest two bets pay off the same amount but one of them is still the safest one. So, due to this simplicity baccarat has become one the most prestigious gambling entertainments.

No matter whether you are the beginner or a professional player we advise you consider the following baccarat tips which will surely increase your success.

Tip # 1 

According to the baccarat rules the bet on the banker is the most beneficial as it provides the 44.61%  winning odds. Despite the fact that you will be charged 5% commission in case this bet is winning the bet on banker is still the best one.

Tip # 2 

Remember, betting on the tie is the worst option. In this case the house edge exceeds to 14% while the payout is 8 to 1. Some casinos pays off 9 to 1 when your tie bet is winning, but nevertheless this type of bet is not very safe. Avoid betting on the tie.

Tip # 3 

The usage of all possible betting systems will result in failure in the long run. Don’t trust any betting systems and baccarat tips which force you to risk money.

Tip # 4 

You should always think about some extra money before betting on the banker as when you choose to end the game you will be asked to pay the 5% commission. Think it over beforehand.

Tip #

Remember, baccarat is totally a game of chance. That is why one of the best baccarat tips is to leave the table each time you beat the bank.