World's Favorite Poker

25 Jun 2009

Today poker is probably the most popular card game, played both at the casinos and private games. It is one of the oldest games that travelled all around the world and underwent little changes to come to us in the variation we enjoy it now. 

The origin of poker game is very vague as it has many similarities with the French game Bouillotte as well as the name of poker is believed to come from the German verb "pochen" (to knock). All in all, the history of poker gaming started back in 19th century when the card games with the rules close to poker were played in New Orleans. At those days poker games were played mostly at the riverboats and private saloons. According to the researchers, the game was brought to the United States by the French settlers and had a little bit different gaming rules. It used 20-card deck and only five winning card hands. Later the game was improved and modified. Such variations as Draw and Stud poker were invented on the American territory and reached Europe thanks to the U.S. army.

Poker Rules

Texas Hold'em poker is the most widespread game variations played at online and offline casinos. Its rules are considered to be the standard gaming rules of classic poker game all over the world. So, Texas Hold'em is played with the 52-card deck and ten winning hands.

The game starts with the betting - placing the compulsory blind bets. Then each player at the table receives two face down cards and makes the bet. Depending on the card values the players can stop competing for the pot (fold) or continue (call the bet or raise it). The betting round is completed as soon as all the players that are still in the game contributed equal amounts into the pot.

Now there is a Flop. The dealers places three face up cards called the community cards in the middle of the poker table. All these cards can be used by any player to make up better hand. The second round of betting proceeds. Turn and River are two more community cards placed on the board. But now every community card revealed is followed by betting. During the Showdown players show up their cards, compare the hands and choose the winner who gets the whole pot. At most poker variations the hands from best to worst are as follows: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair and High Card.

Modern Poker

Due to the overwhelming popularity of card games in general and poker in particular, you are lucky not only enjoy the world's favorite poker game variations at the local gambling venues but also online or watch the well-known poker events on TV. Today the WSOP (World Series of Poker) and WPT (World Poker Tour) are the most popular poker events broadcasted all over the world. Moreover, online players are able to win qualifiers to these tournaments and compete for the huge real money prizes.

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