Who are Better at Gambling: Women or Men?

10 Apr 2009

The question who are better, women or men, at different activities is topical one at all times, whether we speak about driving, cooking, business or gambling. Of course, according to the stereotype men are better at everything, but the facts may state the opposite. 

It is a common thing to see lots of men at the casino halls rather than women. But in fact the men and women are both interested in gambling. Though, it is believed that men are better players as they visit the casino more often and treat gambling more seriously than women. Moreover, women are much more careful and do not tend to risk like men do. It was also tracked that women prefer to play slots, video poker and bingo, while men are more often players at table games. 

In order to settle this discussion the Harvard Medical School held a big research that involved more than 40,000 people. All the participants received an equal amount of money to wager at different casino games. According to the results of the research women are more aggressive at most games and tend to wager bigger amounts. Women also ended with higher winnings than men. Thus, you can see that the common stereotype about sexes is wrong. 

Really, the situation has changes since the times when women rights were restricted. Today, women take gambling differently than the years ago. Women are now more concentrated at casino tables and play smartly. They know how to manage their bankroll and can easily beat their male opponents. One of the reasons why women are so active when it comes to gambling is that they get a great experience at online casinos. Really, women are among the most active gamblers over the Internet. This fact states that women prefer to learn the games online and then bring their knowledge to the local casinos. So, it is not surprising that women are more skilled gamblers than men.

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