The history of craps

06 Apr 2011

It is not a secret that every online casino gives each visitor a wide choice of games. There is no doubt that online casinos usually provide their users with a much wider range of opportunities than the land based ones. Online slots, roulette, different card games, bingo and free craps games are available for the gamblers every moment of time.

Well, let’s talk about one of the most popular gambling games played in the majority of online casinos - casino craps.

Craps is one of the oldest games.

The first prototype of the craps was found in Egypt and dated back to the XX century BC. Also, this game was mentioned in the Mahabharata, Bible and was widely spread in ancient Rome. Today it has many varieties, from simple to complex. You can use different tactics playing them.

In the modern world this game is played in casinos all around the world. Online versions of this game are used in different online casinos. Thus, you can easily find a good craps guide somewhere in the Internet.

The game is played with little cubes (dice) in quantity from one to five, depending on the type of game.

With a proper mapping the opposite faces of the craps amount a total of 7 (6 to 1, 5 to 2, 4 vs. 3). The essence of the game consists in throwing away the craps and their further scoring. The biggest number of them determines the winner. The varieties of games involve different scoring.

So, the basic principle of craps - each player throws a number of dice (one to five) turn by turn. After that the result of a throw (the amount of dropped points; in some cases points are counted for every dice separately) is used to determine a winner or loser. A certain number of throws can be done by the end of the game.

Did you know?

  1. Some Roman emperors were exposed as addicted to this game, especially Caligula;
  2. The oldest "sharper" craps were found in South America;
  3. The main principles of the craps are used in children's table games;
  4. In the Middle Ages a special kind of craps was invented for the clergy – the images of virtues were pictured instead of points;
  5. In ancient Rome, ordinary citizens could play craps only in certain seasons;
  6. The very first law banning craps dates back to the III century BC. By the way, nowadays it is still in power in some countries.
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