Interesting Facts about Las Vegas

24 Apr 2009

We have collected the most interesting facts about Las Vegas, the world centre of gambling. Get to know more about the city itself and the most famous local casinos.

  • Gambling was legalized in Las Vegas in 1931.
  • At times when gambling was legalized in Las Vegas, the hundreds of workers were involved in the Hoover Dam construction. The workers earned only 50 cents per hour and the government was afraid that they will spend all their earnings on gambling. That is why it was decided to built a town for them where gambling would be banned. Today Boulder City is the only city in the state of Nevada where all gambling activities are illegal.
  • Today the number of gambling establishments in Las Vegas is 1,701.
  • Every year about 36.7 millions of gamblers from all the US states and from different countries over the world visit Las Vegas.
  • Every player who visits Las Vegas daily spends on average 3.9 hours gambling.
  • The Las Vegas Strip, where the biggest casinos and hotels are situated, is decorated with 15,000 miles of neon lights.
  • On average the cost of one trip to Las Vegas is $559.
  • The total number of slot machines installed at Las Vegas gambling revenues is 197,144.
  • The number of weddings held in Las Vegas every day is 315 on average.
  • The couple can get married in Las Vegas for only $35, this is the cost of Nevada marriage license.
  • There are clocks at Las Vegas casinos.
  • The total number of the rooms in Las Vegas hotels is 124,270.
  • In total the gambling floor of the MGM Grand casino is 170,000 square feet which is larger than the Yankee Stadium playing field.
  • Every day on average 15,000 pillowcases are washed at MGM Grand.
  • Stratosphere Hotel and Casino is the highest building on the west of the Mississippi River and it its height is 1,149 feet.
  • Daily at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas 7,700 eggs, 427 pounds of coffee and 3,000 ounces of juice are served for breakfast.
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