The Rules of Keno

08 May 2009

We would like to speak about one more interesting game similar to Lotto that is called Keno. This game originated in China and was brought to the United Stated by the immigrants in the mid 1800's. Soon it became very popular due easy rules and large payouts.

Today Keno is played at the special casino lounges though there are many special monitors in casino halls that display the Keno results. In addition, there are the so-called "Keno runner", the casino employees who collect the tickets and make the payouts for those players who want to play outside the special Keno areas. These days the players also can try the video Keno played at the slot machine according to the standard rules.

To play Keno the player must get the special Keno ticket or several tickets that are available at numerous tables at the casino. Each card has numbers from 1 to 80 on it and the player must choose up to 15 numbers and mark them with the special Keno crayon. For example, in case you select 10 numbers this means that you play the "Spot game". Then the ticket is returned to the casino employee together with the wager. Usually the casino accepts wagers starting from $1. The Keno clerk records the selected numbers and gives the player a duplicate ticket.

The twenty balls with the numbers from 1 to 80 on them are drawn from the special barrel indicating the winners. If the player guessed all or some of the drawn numbers, he is paid out. The amounts of payouts are different at all the casinos but in general the player can win even up to $50,000 on his $1 wager. The house advantage at Keno game is 30% and more that is why this game is one of the most risking.

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