All about Most Popular Betting Systems

29 Jan 2009

The aim of any betting system is maximizing the possible win and minimizing the losses at the same time. Here we present the list and explanations of most popular betting systems. Most of the time these systems can be applied to any gambling game from Roulette to Blackjack. Let’s take a look at the most common principles and familiarize with the strategies.

Paroli Betting system

This system is a positive progression. In case of a win the player increases his bet twice and goes back to betting one unit in case of a loss. Each player which decides to try this method is to think about the approximate game limit in order not to lose too much and to quit when he wins enough.


Paroli Betting System allows to win more without the need of risking much. This system is considered to be the most stable one.

Parlay Betting system

Parlay betting system is a lot like Paroli, but a bit different. This is also a positive progression, but the player instead of increasing his previous bet twice bets the original bet and a part of the profit from a win each time he wins.


This betting system would be a sufficient bonus for traditional gambling strategies and as the previous one it prevents the player from betting too much.

Martingale Betting System

This is one of the simplest betting systems and unlike the previous ones, this is a negative progression system. The main idea of this system is in the probability of losing several times in a row.

This system is created for those who are not eager to win much as it guarantees only one unit of a win in some time unless the player loses too often.


This system is considered to be one of the riskiest ones as the player may end up betting too big amounts of money to win one unit.

D’alembert Betting System

The D’alembert betting system is a combination of the Martingale system with elements of Insurance system applied in roulette. This betting system is a twisted progression. Player has to raise the bet one unit more each time he loses and lower one unit each time he wins a bet.


This system is rarely used by serious players as it has been proved to be a losing one.

Labouchere betting system

This betting system is a negative progression. The player writes a sequence of numbers like 1-2-3-4-5-6 or 1-2-3-5-6-8-9. The sequence can be with any quantity of numbers and no sequence. The player adds the first and the last number of the sequence to determine the quantity of units he has to bet. In case he wins, he crosses the last and the first number and goes on to the middle. In case of a loss, the player adds one more number to the row (the amount of chips lost) and goes on to the begginning and starts over.


Labouchere betting system is the one that will always give profit when the cycle is finished and the player has won all the previos bets.

1-3-2–6 betting system

The main idea of the system lies in its name. The player bets a specific number of chips as determined in the sequence. In case he wins he bets more and in case of a loss he goes back to the beginning. This system is based on probability of winning four times in a row.


This system is rarely considered to be a professional one. Most of the time they think of it as the entertainment system as you have to win four times in a row to be successful.

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