Lotteries From A To Z

03 Apr 2009

Lottery is another popular kind of gambling that always involves big prizes. Some states in the US forbid the lottery, however others want it to be national. The first lotteries appeared in the period of Romans.


  • With the help of lotteries, US funded the Colonial Army in the Revolutionary War.
  • In China, funds raised with the help of lotteries were used in creating the Great Wall.
  • Such famous universities as Harvard, Yale and Princeton as well as churches are partly funded by the lottery money.

Lottery money

  • The money people spend on buying lottery tickets are mostly used for economic development of the country.
  • A part of it is used to improve job opportunities.
  • Another part goes for educational purposes.
  • Environmental protection always gets a part of funds.
  • Сhild care, public health organizations etc are all partly sponsored by the lotteries.

Nevertheless lots of money is used for social programs still lotteries may become an addiction. This may be avoided if you take a small percent of your winnings to be spent on gambling, as this way you contribute to your own country. However, be careful not to get carried away.

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